Free ArcGIS training available through our semi-annual showcase events!

ArcGIS Training


If it's training you require, Cloudpoint will create a custom course that covers underlying geographic concepts map design and outputs, geodatabases, importing spatial and attribute data, digitizing, geocoding, spatial data processing, and advanced spatial analysis. Other topics such as raster integration, Internet enabled GIS, network and 3D analysis will also be mentioned and discussed. The technical focus of the course includes computer lab tutorials and case studies using the leading desktop GIS software, ArcGIS, from Esri.


Sample Session Outline

Session 1 - Introduction & Map Design:
Session 2 - GIS Outputs & Geodatabases:
Session 3 - Importing Spatial and Attribute Data:
Session 4 - Digitizing & Geocoding:
Session 5 - Spatial Data Processing & Analysis:
Session 6 - GIS Implementation and Maintenance:
Session 7 - ArcGIS Online & Other Tools: 

The benefit of Cloudpoint training is the personal nature and customizable schedule. Your needs as the customer are paramount. Trainers focuses on what students are gaining from the class rather than just getting through the material. Classrooms work well, however one-on-one training returns the most on investment. Class size can range from 1 to 20+ and the material can be purchased independently or provided digitally. Cloudpoint’s success depends on the knowledge you gain.