This website is intended to support the workshop i gave on

October 2, 2017 at ILGISA.

I will Update this page with details as time goes on and I find out answers to our questions.

Here is the PDF Presentation


Here is a start of the Esri tech Support Call Tree. They update it fairly regularly so this may not stay current long. 



We also Had a Group Of Unknown Questions we Discussed. I will update these with Answers when I get them. 

  1. Does Insights need it's own Server? Or is it a role on ArcGIS Server? 
  2. Where are Vector Tiles best created, Geoanalytics or Image Server? 
  3. Is there any opportunity for 3rd part? integration?
  4. Is there any "credit use" on Portal for Geospatial Analysis. 


At the end of the Workshop we walked through a single page worksheet to help you determine Where you are with readiness to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5. 

Worksheet PDF

Sorry we didn't get much time to work on it during the morning's session. Give me a call if you need help.