Centimeter Topo from 400 Feet

It is hard to deny that UAV technology is not going to impact many industries. With the lack of FAA regulation keeping commercial use grounded, gaining experience is hard. In an effort to test and develop our UAV imaging portfolio Cloudpoint Geographics has developed a solutions package.  

Cloudpoint is striving to bring affordable imagery to industries such as mining, agriculture, engineering, and undiscovered markets. The value of affordable imagery that can be flown daily can help decision makers perform tasks by giving them tools to conduct stock pile volume calculations, topographic surveys, crop analysis, and many other needs. Cloudpoint's history as a geospatial solution provider allows us to use advance GIS and image mosaicing software to generate 3D deliverables.  

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How We Do It!!

Creating such results comes from combining various technologies to create a package. UAV's are just the flying platform and must be assisted by ground control, a good camera, and powerful processing software. Software algorithms, such as Agisoft Photoscan, are used to stitch photos to make a large mosaic as well as calculate elevations. This 3D model then can be exported as a point cloud, DEM, or one of many other formats. The imagery and 3D models created from images can then be used for many tasks such as volume calculations and Topographic modeling. 

Real world Uses

- Daily Stockpile Volume Calculations

- Better Imagery for any situation

- 3D Building extraction

- DEM or Topo creation


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