OpenFields ArcMap Add-on.

Farmland Assessment Tool for GIS users. 

We have developed a simple ArcMap (soon to be for ArcGIS Online & Pro) add on that will assist parcel managers with Farmland Assessment specifically in Illinois. And we're giving it away for free. 

Removing Roadblocks

OpenFields Options

OpenFields Options

 The State requires an overlay of three separate layers for proper valuation and assessment: Parcels, Soils and Land Use.  It's a rather simple geoprocessing function of these layers that results in the required acreage calculation of each parcel polygon to be properly assessed. -OK I know that's a simplistic explanation, but the tool is designed to help with a singular task. As we Travel around the state of Illinois, we hear the same thing about farmland assessment. Even though GIS folks are great at making splits and combines, overlay and geoprocessing is not something the are comfortable with.  We are here to help. 

Get It

You can Download the tool here from our ArcGIS Online organization or download it here from my GitHub site, it's the same ZIP. We build it in Python so anyone could change it. And it can be used by Any ArcGIS Desktop License level. 

You have options

Once the Add-on is installed, you will have two buttons to use. One is just for enabling some default settings and the second actually runs the geoprocessing task. We have made allowances for using Deeded acreage instead of GIS acreage, exporting to txt, csv or shp, accounting for flood debasement and changing to custom land use codes. 


Output Text File

Output Text File


Our programmers are continuing to make slight changes and we have high hopes of implementing aa ArcGIS Online Widget as well as porting it into ArcGIS Pro. We do need to say, this tool DOES NOT CALCULATE VALUES. we have found that many counties already have a CAMA system that does that reliably and easily for them. Our tool just outputs the input for that function. 

Try it, there's nothing to lose. Cause it's free. 

If you have problems with the tool, you can Always contact us. If you want more functionality for you particular system, contact us. 

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