Building a Hoops Tracker App with ArcGIS Solutions is a Three-Point Play

A few years ago I mapped "March Madness" in Illinois with two "Road to Peoria" story maps (1A and 2A).  I made some improvements to the concept and this is the result: Hoops Tracker.

Hoops Tracker is a Esri Story Map that displays information for the 2018 Class 1A and 2A Boys Basketball Tournaments in separate web mapping applications, paired with a view of IHSA's interactive ScoreZone web page and other IHSA links.

How the Hoops Tracker Was Built

Web Maps in ArcGIS Online

Data from tournament assignments was compiled into a spreadsheet and then joined with school location data to create feature services in ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap. The services are hosted in ArcGIS Online. Web maps (1A and 2A) were created with those feature services, and the layers were symbolized and custom popups created.

Web AppBuilder Apps

The web maps are the basis for the creation of web apps using Web AppBuilder within ArcGIS Online. For this project, I choose the Dashboard theme.


Widgets (Filter, Near Me, etc) were configured on top of layers from the respective web map.

Esri Story Map

Esri has many choices for Story Map applications, and after some testing, I decided to go with the Journal style. For each page of the Journal, I configured the respective web app (1A and 2A) in the "Main Stage", while the IHSA ScoreZone web page was added to the "Side Panel", along with links for Seeds, Schedules, and Brackets for that classification.  Supplementary links were added to the final page. I also made some changes to the Layout Options, Theme, and Header Settings.

How to Use the Hoops Tracker

  • Scroll within the left panel to advance to the next page, or use the buttons on the left side of story map to jump to another page.
  • Pan within the interactive ScoreZone panel to view all available scores. Information pertaining to the status of games is available at the bottom of that web page.
  • Toggle the filters on and expand them to access the sectional and regional choice lists (see below).
  • Each element of the Dashboard can be maximized.
  • Find locations with the What is Near Me? widget, or with the search bar in the map.

Make Hoops Tracker your companion during the state 1A/2A state series, which begins with regional play on February 19, and concludes with the state finals in Peoria on March 9 and 10. Please use the dashboard to filter and search the map to your specifications, or use the IHSA Interactive ScoreZone page to track scores of state series games, which are periodically updated throughout the contests. NOTE: This Story Map is optimally viewed on a tablet device, such as an iPad, or on a laptop or desktop computer.