Coffee Shop review form in Survey123

I happen to know a very good barista. I'm biased of course, but my son started informally doing reviews of other coffee shops as he visited them. Living in Eau Claire, there are a lot. He kept all these reviews in his leather-bound journal for later. (a real rustic one, with the long leather straps, like Hemingway) . He said it was mostly for his own notes. You know, because he enjoys it. 

Being the analytical data-driven father that I am, I wanted to fix something that wasn't broken, complicate it and make a map of it, thus removing all the joy out of an otherwise enjoyable endeavor. You're Welcome Titus.

The Survey is public, so anyone can use it or review places. 

If you find yourself doing a lot of these, you can link directly to the survey!

And Here is the map that will populate as more coffee shops get added as long as you add a point to the Survey above.