One word.... "people"

At the recent Morton Pumpkin Festival, I was visiting with a good friend who is very tech-savy and a master of marketing.  I updated him on the status of my company and asked "What's the next step for me in marketing?"  He gave me one word.... "people".  He said that I should gather as much information on people and get my name out there to as many people as humanly possible.  I said "What about my target audience? Not just anyone is going to be interested in Cloudpoint Geographics."  His reply, "Right now you just want people.  and all of those people probably know someone who is interested in what you are doing.  and those people know other people."  So here I am attempting to reach out to the world to keep you informed about what we are doing here at Cloudpoint and asking you to tell more people about us... Stay tuned for more..