Do You Know Your Retro???

OK, so the time has come for agencies that currently maintain traffic signs to have a management method in place so that you can maintain minimum reflectivity of your sign panels.  If you have not already started your inventory or if it consists of chicken scratches on a vendor-supplied notepad that you picked up at your last conference.... never fear.  Cloudpoint Geographics, Inc has completed several local agency sign inventories and has the professional experience to provide you with a thorough and complete package.  We come to your site and perform a complete analysis of your current traffic signs including information on the following:

  • A complete field inventory of existing signs currently under city jurisdiction using GPS assisted data collection with ESRI ArcMap and ArcPad GIS software
  • Summary of all signs including ID number, quantity, street name, description, MUTCD code, size, support type, sheeting type, height, & width.
  • A map book (color, 11x17, bound with hard cover) identifying each of the sign locations with the corresponding ID number (click here to see a sample inventory)
  • A full report including recommendations for improving the safety and efficiency of your agency's roadway/street network.
  • A recommended sign inventory management method as required by the MUTCD

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