Former County Employees teaming up!

Micah Williamson, the current GIS Manager for Peoria County recently announced he will be leaving his current post to join former Woodford County employee, Jonathan Hodel, at Cloudpoint Geographics, a geospatial services company located in Roanoke, IL.  Hodel resigned from the Woodford County Engineer position last year to pursue his life-long desire of starting a geospatial engineering company, utilizing the latest technology in mapping and remote sensing for geogaphic information systems (GIS).  Hodel says, "Micah's talents and outgoing personality make him a perfect fit for our team.  He has a great ability to help the layperson understand new technologies and how they can benefit from them."

Williamson, a resident of Eureka, IL has held the GIS manager position at Peoria County for more than five years and will continue there on a part-time basis until a replacement is found. Prior to working for the County, Williamson worked as the GIS Analyst for the Greater Peoria Sanitary District and has also taught GIS classes at Illinois Central College and Geography at Eureka College.  He will join a staff of three employees at the young and growing company.

Micah Williamson, Peoria County GIS Manager

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