The ArcGIS Marketplace (Maps & Apps)

Just wanted to keep everyone abreast on the latest information when it comes to ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online applications.  

The ArcGIS Marketplace provides a way to access maps & apps from Esri, distributors, and partners.  The Marketplace contains both free and paid apps that are designed to help your organization access and share your GIS data seamlessly with either in-house staff or the public.  Similar to Apple's app store or Android apps found on Google Play, the ArcGIS marketplace is intended to be a one-stop shop for your Esri based mapping needs.

The following are a few examples of what is now available: 

ArcGIS Online for Local Governments (using the Local Government Info Model) 

Stormwater Utility Mapping of Impervious Area

ArcGIS Online for Water Utilities