Moving to the Cloud For VPN Solution

Cloudpoint has been using 'The Cloud' since our incorporation. We don't need to be convinced that data, files or systems are safe. Sometimes (today for example) it can get kind of hinckey and frustrating, but for the most part we're On Board with being On the Cloud. 

We recently started using a new SaaS (software as a Service) product for creating a Virtual Private Network. Pertino. The VPN  has been a natural evolution of remote offices and telecommuting. Since there are only 3 full-time employees, soon to be 4, we are naturally out of the office quite consistently. In fact it is rare the week that we're all together.  VPNs keeps us connected and keeps that connection secure. Here's a quick video on how VPNs work. In the Past this usually has required an Appliance. No Longer, enter Pertino. 

Pertino has just come out of Beta. So we can talk about it like its an actual product. The theory is easy: When you are on a Pertino Network your machines and devices see each other as if they were on the same local LAN. When you are actually on the same local LAN, Pertino still works but you see a duplicate workgroup, local and Pertino. Ideally it all focuses on IPV6 addressing. We have 4 Laptops, One Amazon EC2 instance and our local Server all running on one Pertino Network, No More FTP... Rah!

Here's the amazing part for us Esri Users. The fantastic folks at Pertino have worked tirelessly to actually DOWNGRADE their technology to IPV4 for legacy products... Like ArcGIS License Manager. What's that you say? "AGS Flex License Manager is supposed to work with IPV6."? Yeah, Maybe... Sometimes.... until you have a protocol that actually requires you to use IPV6, then you find out how flaky it actually is.

But that doesn't matter anymore because They actually tested this on ACTUAL Esri software! I have too, and it works! Sitting on my couch at home, I boot up ArcMap and using Pertino it authorizes a Concurrent License from our server there at the office. 

That, my friends is the awesome power of the Cloud, and the dedicated programmers at Pertino.  

Now, Is it all Dandelions and Lollipops? Nope. Sometimes I have to stop and restart my Pertino app, On some Devices you have to edit your host file because of OpenDNS or Cheap Modems, and there is a cost (You'd want to pay for this service). BUT Their Customer Service is filled with Exceptional who truly want it to work for you, Even if you only have 4 people in your office. Case in point the ArcGIS License Manager. 

That being said, We're planning on being LONG term Pertino Customers.