Creating a GIS: Tutorial

Amidst all of the Conference attending, Sign inventorying and ArcGIS Online administering, Cloudpoint staff has found time to do a little training for our customers. One of the most common questions is "How do I create my own Layer?" If you are a GIS pro, this may seem like a question with an obvious answer. Keep in mind that the Vast majority of ArcGIS desktop users do not use ArcGIS Desktop day-in/day-out. Also, search Google for "Create a shapefile" the best result is a Wiki-How article without any pictures. As good as Esri online help is, Silverlight apps are hard to index. So, why a shapefile and why not a Geodatabase Feature Class? one word: Portability. 

This first video goes through the process of creating two shapefiles:

This second video takes the two created above and edits them. We use the template editor through symbolization and then create symbolization First then create an editor template. (if you don't know what I mean, watch the vid)