Mobile LIDAR: For Sign Inventories?

Not many people have heard of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) until the Illinois DOT started flying counties to get topographic data and surveyors started using tripod based scanners to create detailed Topo maps. As the general public learns about the new technology, people are finding other uses. Mobile LIDAR is adapting the technology to a vehicle that can be used to collected data more efficiently and at maintains good accuracy. Because of this efficiency, Mobile LIDAR is becoming a standard for data collection. 


Mobile LIDAR and its affiliated processing software has become a standard with sign inventories in particular. With new federal mandates on retroreflectivity of signs, the ability of mobile LIDAR to collect and automatically extract sign assets from the point cloud data. Signs can be seen and retroreflectivity can be analyzed due to the intensity of light pulses returned in the data. 

Cloudpoint is currently teamed up with Seiler Instruments Group to provide LIDAR services to the the city of Bloomington, Illinois to inventory over 25,000 signs in the city. The project will include a Work Order Management system that ties into their MUNIS financial system.

We are proud to be working with local municipalities to help them support their residents. Being an Illinois business makes us proud to offer the best technologies to the surrounding areas.