Finding Food

Sometimes it is fun to drive out of your way to find a great place to eat. Small towns have unique restaurants that are usually hit or miss, but using simple GIS tools, we can share our favorite places with each other. 

Traveling around the state with Cloudpoint over the last two years has led me to some unusual and surprisingly great places to eat. Places that you kind of just stumble upon. Using GIS, I would like to introduce you to ArcGIS Online, a program we use every day, but this time you will be doing some basic GIS work. 

 We compiled our favorite restaurants and will continue to but now it is your time to add yours. Let's see how many we can get!!! 

Using ArcGIS online is fairly simple. Click on the link below and press edit. You can click on a type of food and add a point to the map. Make sure to fill out the fields to tell others what is your favorite part of the restaurant.

Add Food Here 

Explore ArcGIS further by checking out maps from other users. You can search for your state or anything of interest. There are thousands of public maps!