Amazon web services

ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS

ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS

Have you seen all those clever and funny AWS commercials? For the normal GIS person adding yet another platform to learn and use can be a bit daunting. Don’t fret, we are not abandoning you, to put your mind at ease yes, we can handle that for you BUT for those of you who are D.I.Y. Geogeeks; below are some tips.

Cloudpoint acquires ArcGIS Server 10.....

We have recently signed up for an

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

account and setup

ArcGIS Server on an EC2 instance

.  To describe it in non-technical terms, we are using Amazon Web Services as a "server" instead of buying our own.  It's not only less direct overhead but also allows for scalability (only use what we need).  To learn more about this visit the

AWS website

.  This means Cloudpoint will be looking to offer a way for our clients to follow the progress of their mapping projects live and up-to-date as they are being completed.  It will also allow us to build some customized applications and have a method for field testing them before deployment.  Many of our clients are looking for ways to better manage their infrastructure and utility assets by way of a centralized GIS and we are working hard to bring the right solutions at an affordable price.  Also we have been telling you about our new website and new look that will be rolling out this summer.  Here is a sneak peak at our new logo...

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