From 10,000 feet to 1 inch: Bringing GIS indoors

What is ArcGIS Indoors?

ArcGIS Indoors is a map-based software application that enables property owners to manage all of their facilities across an entire campus in one, centralized, location. With Esri’s latest release of ArcGIS Indoors, their flagship mapping platform now offers a new solution to deliver improved strategic planning, facility operations, and workplace productivity not to mention a host of other benefits. Property managers and facility operations personnel looking for an interactive map-based solution to manage their campus and building data can take advantage of this technology to track and maintain information such as status, condition, inspection history, and asset information for all of their facilities.

campus map snip.PNG

How Does it Work?

  1. Develop a Strategy- Create a plan on what facility information will be collected and maintained or what data is already being collected and how that can be integrated. Data can easily be integrated into the system from your existing work order management system.

  2. Build the Maps- The next step is to acquire building floor plan information. This can consist of importing CAD drawings (2D or 3D) or contracting a geospatial firm to provide data collection services to quickly ramp up and prepare the data.

  3. Train staff- Enable staff members and managers to interact with the software and begin gathering facility information.

  4. Implementation- Users begin gathering data and carrying out tasks by inputting that into the software via mobile devices or web browsers.

What Else can it Do?

  • search map for people by name or room name

  • provide routing information to visitors or delivery services- requires Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

  • maintain fire escape routes and emergency plans

  • monitor office space, vacancies, and room availability

  • manage work orders for inspecting or replacing fixtures and equipment

  • analyze foot traffic patterns for high occupancy areas

ArcGIS Indoors is a complete system for indoor mapping used to create a connected workplace. It provides a common operating picture for executives, workplace services personnel, and other employees and visitors to understand, manage, and use their workplace environment. For more information on how we can help you implement an indoor facility management strategy, contact us or call 877-377-8124.

Need Work Order management with Your GIS? Introducing Esri's Workforce for ArcGIS

Workforce for ArcGIS is one of Esri's native GIS applications that allows you to take advantage of a streamlined work order management system that is built directly on top of your GIS platform. This tutorial provides a basic overview of the application both from the desktop browser as well as a mobile perspective.

Folks, I’m here to tell you that Workforce for ArcGIS will revolutionize the way you conduct business between field workers and office staff. When we speak of disruptability, this is a game changer. Especially since most organizations of this type already have some type of Esri GIS platform already in place. Today, I want to share with you my top three reasons why this application will completely change your way of conducting business.

  1. Real-time Communication

    With a web-based application, the interaction between office staff and field workers is instantaneous. When the remote worker makes an update on their mobile device it is reflected in immediately to the office staff. This includes examples such as, ‘On break’, ‘Not available’, ‘On my way’, ‘Can’t get to it today’. The dispatchers can then make immediate decisions on how to re-assign or re-shuffle the work load to other workers if need be.

  2. Time Tracking of Labor Hours

    We know that time is money, and this is the same thing whether you are working in the office or conducting onsite work at various locations in the field. When you have the ability to capture start and stop times for simple day-to-day tasks, you now have powerful, time-based data to build on. Use this information for performing cost estimates, billing customers, or budgeting for future work.

  3. Trust the Process….

    Another goal that managers often have is to ‘processize’ their workflows. This creates efficiencies and repeatable workflows that can be easily taught to others and even documented for future growth. With a solution such as Workforce for ArcGIS, you can now have a built-in process to execute work orders and have a complete history in your work order management. And oh yes, did I mention this is all integrated with your GIS? So you not only have time logging, but add location to that and the sky is the limit with the amount of decisions you can make from that information. Establish the process and follow it through to see tremendous success.

There is no doubt if you give this work order management application a solid try, you and your staff will both be hooked. Its ease-of-use is unmatched by any other offerings available and it automatically integrates with your GIS because it uses your GIS platform as the backbone. No more expensive modules to connect components to each other, or finagling with software vendors to unlock key software tools. This is straight out-of-the-box Esri technology and can be easily configured to work with your current ArcGIS Online account. If you are ready to launch your organization into a new era of real-time connectivity and a stream-lined work order solution, contact us about our Workforce for ArcGIS kickstart package or any of our professional GIS services.

Are You ArcGIS Pro-Ready? Check Your System Settings.

Are You ArcGIS Pro-Ready? Check Your System Settings.

Are you ArcGIS Pro-ready? System Requirements Lab has provided a tool (available here or at the system requirements page for ArcGIS Pro)  that produces a detailed report in a matter of seconds showing how your system stacks up to the minimum and recommended requirements for running ArcGIS Pro. Please watch this video for more information on how you can easily check your system requirements for Pro.

Top 5 differences between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

Top 5 differences between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

Are you an occasional Esri software user that is needing to ramp up your game?  Maybe its been a couple of years since you dabbled with the GIS software and you have a project that needs a little geospatial touch.  One of the questions you may find yourself asking is "What is the difference between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro"?