Gill Lake

Big Fish Tales!

Normally I only post every couple of weeks but this one couldn't wait.

Jon Hodel with a 33+ inch Northern Pike
42.490217, -85.426408

We went on our annual fishing trip with a great group of friends this past weekend and had some great success.  We hit the water as soon as we arrived on Thursday late afternoon and there was a front moving through that must have gotten these toothy critters excited.  The northern were explosively hitting almost anything we threw at them.  This one was caught on the SE corner of the large island in about 8 feet of water with lots of weeds on a Mepps No. 5 Aglia with red & yellow stem.  If you are patient enough to cast into the weedy areas and pull the "veggy tales" off your line, you can expect these guys to attack at any time.  Overall our group pulled in over 500 fish (blue gill, crappie, bass, and northern) and 8 of them that were over 30 inches in length.  Don't worry, we threw them all back except for a few pan fish so you can give it a try yourself.