UAV (Drones) for Buildings & Facilities

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) can be used for capturing high resolution imagery for building sites that need better mapping capabilities or just some minor upgrades.  The data acquired from the drones can be incorporated into GIS systems and CAD drawings for an in depth look at asset management, underground utilities, and engineering analysis.  Digital Elevation Models can be used to create detailed contours for drainage improvements, roadway upgrades or landscape projects.  Results can be delivered in a variety of formats including CAD layers, GIS files, or 3D models.  Cloudpoint incorporates the use of ground control points in all drone projects to significantly improve the results of the data and achieve levels of high accuracy and detail.  In this example, a 140-acre site near Illiopolis, IL was flown at an altitude of 250 ft resulting in high quality imagery and detailed elevation model data. The objectives for this project were to obtain aerial mapping data for use in drainage analysis and preliminary engineering work.  Final deliverables included ortho imagery, digitized CAD layers for infrastructure, contours (shapefile and dwg format), and elevation models.


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