Customer Spotlight - Tim Isley, Streets and Cemetery Superintendent, Rochelle, IL

Tim has been with the City of Rochelle Street Department for 14 years. He started out as an operator in 2003 and in 2013 he became the Streets and Cemetery Superintendent.

As Superintendent, Tim’s responsibilities include: maintenance and repair of all city streets, alleys, sidewalks, and parking lots; inspection, repair, and replacement of the city storm water system; maintaining all traffic control devices to MUTCD standards; managing the city forestry program; snow and ice control; and managing the city owned cemetery.

A typical day for Tim at the street department starts out with using GIS. Staff will grab an iPad and hit the streets to complete Julie locates to protect the storm water system. The entire storm water system including sizes, materials, and depths have been entered into GIS and by doing so, have made this daily activity much more efficient. They also use GIS to help manage the traffic sign operation.  Every traffic sign on the shelf and in use in the field has been, or is in the process of being, barcoded and entered into the SignOps system to manage the City's sign inventory, ensure all signs are up to date, and MUTCD compliant. Another area they have just brought GIS into is the forestry program. Toward the end of last year, Tim and his staff started using GIS to map out and inventory all city parkway and other city owned trees. They are tracking tree location, species, size, condition, and potential hazards, just to name a name a few.

"GIS has become a vital part of our operation and because of all the benefits it provides, I see it growing into many different areas.  We started using GIS about 4 years ago and now we use it on daily basis to help manage our storm water system, traffic sign operation, and forestry program.  Because of the accuracy and efficiency gained in these three areas we have decided in 2017 to expand the use of GIS into our cemetery operations as well."

Thanks for the kind words Tim and thanks for allowing Cloudpoint to assist the City of Rochelle in reaching its goals!