Cloudpoint ArcGIS Kickstart Packages

Let Cloudpoint help your organization reach its GIS goals by implementing one of our Kickstart packages. We have an array of ArcGIS Kickstart service packages available including: 

ArcGIS Pro Kickstart

ArcGIS Enterprise Kickstart 

ArcGIS Online Kickstart

ArcGIS Land Records Kickstart

Enterprise GIS Check Up

Using the latest available Information Models, Cloudpoint has in-depth experience in converting separate GIS data files and users into an enterprise environment.

ArcGIS Pro Kickstart

ArcGIS Pro is Esri’s newest 64-bit desktop platform and is taking the place of the flagship ArcMap software. Don’t let the burdens of learning new software overwhelm you and your team. Let Cloudpoint’s professional staff help you make the transition!

What do you get with a Cloudpoint ArcGIS Pro Kickstart?

  • Overview of ArcGIS Pro integration with Desktop & Online

  • Projects, layouts, and program formats

  • Hardware precautions / recommendations

  • Importing ArcMap mxd’s

  • Working with Panes and File Navigation

  • Using Project Templates

  • Exploring and editing data tables

  • Integration with ArcGIS Online or Portal

  • Geoprocessing and Advanced Editing

  • Converting 2D layers to 3D

Click HERE for a printer friendly version of our ArcGIS Pro Kickstart.

ArcGIS Enterprise Kickstart

Take your Enterprise GIS capabilities to the next level with ArcGIS for Server.  Go even farther with a cross-platform solution when you can integrate it with your ArcGIS Organizational account.

What do you get with a Cloudpoint ArcGIS Enterprise Kickstart?

  • Installation of ArcGIS Server version 10.5+ including Portal

  • Configuration with ArcSDE and guidance with migrating existing data into SQL (2012+)

  • Versioning of Geodatabases (if applicable) and enable editing rights of those versions

  • Creation of at least 3 working web services for internal use connected to SDE data

  • Basic Set-up of Portal for ArcGIS (no customization)

  • Deployment of 3 internal web maps using web services and 2 web apps

  • Knowledge transfer for administering ArcGIS Server and Portal on a basic level

Click HERE for a printer friendly version of our ArcGIS Enterprise Kickstart

ArcGIS Online Kickstart

Take your maps with you! ArcGIS Online is Esri’s flagship web mapping platform that can be utilized in a variety of ways by a variety of industries. 

What do you get with a Cloudpoint ArcGIS Online Kickstart?

  • Setup of ArcGIS Online for Organizations with up to 10 user accounts

  • Configuration of up to three groups sharing

  • Setup of ArcGIS Online Security

  • Establish workflow for data transfer to the ArcGIS Online Cloud

  • Creation of up to three web mapping apps

  • Introduction of Esri Maps for Office

  • Deployment of Esri mobile applications (Collector Application, Surver 123, etc.)

  • Training of key staff members on internal applications

  • Customization and administration of the platform

Click HERE for a printer friendly version of our ArcGIS Online Kickstart.


ArcGIS Land Records Kickstart

Several organizations have a increasing need for detailed parcel maps and the ability to share parcel data online. With the Cloudpoint Land Records Kickstart, you get the ability to do just that and more! Migrating to the parcel fabric can help your organization save time and money with an optimized method of parcel data maintenance.  The parcel fabric is continuously supported and updated by Esri to enhance its abilities within the ArcGIS platform.

What do you get with a Cloudpoint Land Records Kickstart?

  • Hands-on training on migrating to the Parcel Fabric and the Parcel Editing Toolbar

  • Configuration of the Parcel Fabric with the ArcGIS Local Government Information Model

  • Creation of three plans within the Plan Directory from existing survey plats (provided by Client)

  • Training on the proper use of control points and performing adjustments within the fabric

  • Setup of an mxd template with layers & symbology optimized for use with the Parcel Fabric

  • Introduced on using automated parcel editing workflows using the Parcel Editor Toolbar

  • No third party tools to install or manage

  • Includes four hours of remote follow-up tech support

Click HERE for a printer friendly version of our ArcGIS Online Kickstart.

Enterprise GIS Check Up

A checkup on your enterprise GIS may be just what you need to improve efficiencies and to get the most out of your data. Let Cloudpoint's Professional staff make sure your GIS is tuned and ready to complete all of your geospatial projects!

What do you get with a Cloudpoint Enterprise Check Up?

  • Technical diagnosis of existing GIS infrastructure

  • Business utilization assessment and suggestions for improvement

  • Summary of data storage organization and quality of software architecture

  • XML data schema (if applicable)

  • Recommended training and systems for achieving GIS optimization

  • Analysis of functional adoption of GIS

  • Summary of recommendations and findings

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