Land Records

Our team of experts can help your organization create new land records information including ownership parcels, subdivisions, lots, right-of-way, PLSS Townships, Sections, Quarter Sections, and more.  Parcel data sets are often the backbone of any GIS system and absolutely critical to have mapped accurately and completely to give you the best results for your GIS base layers. 

  • Parcel Mapping
  • Parcel Maintenance
  • Parcel Fabric Data Migration
  • Parcel Fabric Training


What is the Parcel Fabric?

The parcel fabric is an integrated land records solution for parcel editing, created by Esri, that seamlessly integrates into their ArcGIS platform using a special configuration of related points, lines, and polygons which results in a measurement-based parcel solution maintained within a GIS environment.  

Give your parcel maintenance methods an ‘Extreme Makeover’ and get into the latest tools. The ArcGIS Parcel Editing Solution can provide tremendous benefits for your agency and when it is enabled with the Local Government Information Model you can take advantage of the efficient automated parcel editing workflows:

  • Merge Parcels

  • Split Parcels (Metes-And-Bounds, Area Description, From Parent)

  • Create Subdivisions from CAD

  • Make Boundary Line Adjustments


Let us migrate your legacy parcel data into the parcel fabric and train your staff on the use of these daily workflows.


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