UAV (Drones) for Land Development

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the perfect solution for capturing high-resolution data for land development sites.  Clients can quickly assess these areas with highly accurate topographic data without having to wait for long turn-around times as with traditional methods.  Cloudpoint Geographics was recently contacted by a local engineering firm in Jacksonville, IL to fly a large site to determine the layout of the land and estimate the amount of standing water remaining on a site that was formerly used for stockpiling dredging material.  The data was provided and used for performing earthwork calculations and preliminary design analysis for potential development of the site at its future conversion back to tillable acreage.  UAV imagery can be the ideal answer for sites needing a one-time snapshot for preliminary analysis or others with frequent ongoing changes needing to be monitored on a regular basis.  Subdivisions, roadway projects, green ways & trails all provide potential benefit for use of drone data acquisition.

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