Matthew Junker joins the Cloudpoint Team

As of June 29th, Matthew Junker is the latest addition to start working with the greatest GIS consultant This side of the Mississip!
(possibly the other side too)

Psst! the 'J' is pronounced like a 'Y' but he's used to that by now. Matt is originally from Varna, Illinois but currently lives in Chillicothe with his wife and two young sons. In some bizarre-unplanned-coincidence he also has a BS from Illinois State (that makes 3 Dr. Sublett survivors). However less-so coincidental, his local government experiences are exactly in line with Cloudpoint's needs and wheelhouse. Matt brings years of parcel mapping to our firm and with his help, we expect to expand our offerings of parcel-fabric conversion.

Don't be fooled by his quiet demeanor, He's handy with a hammer and knows enough stats on Chicago sports to make your head spin. He already has a nickname because of his twitter handle: midRangeJ We look forward to introducing our clients to him and I'm sure they will find him just as professional and knowledgeable as the rest of our outstanding team. 

Welcome Matt!