Open wide..... We've Moved!


Growing up, I had a mouth full of cavities and now have plenty of fillings to show for it.  Little did I know at that time (back when I though I wanted to be a fireman) I would soon be making a living by working in that same building where I would go for routine checkups and teeth cleaning.   No, didn't go in to dentistry (although if you stop by we could take a look at your teeth but I wouldn't trust our diagnosis).  We recently purchased the former dentist office in Roanoke where just a few short months ago people were getting crowns and caps, now it is used for drones, ipads and desktop PC's.  We are excited to make it our new home here at Cloudpoint Geographics.  


Ten (10) weeks of renovations consisted of ripping our old sinks and X-ray boxes, hoses, lines, excess wiring, tons of painting, new carpet, and best of all- the lighting.  We converted an old lab into a kitchen, and exam rooms are now functioning as high-tech office space.   The large window view that so many of us distracted ourselves with while a hygienist scraped on our jowls,  is now enjoyed by our staff as each person has their own private office.

We are blessed to have a new spot that so perfectly fits our current needs and the move was just across the parking lot from our old location.  Be sure to come by and visit us during our upcoming Open House on October 2nd from 4PM to 6PM.