Map St. Chuck

Historic St Charles Missouri has a very modern tool for you to explore. We were delighted to help the staff of St Charles to create a hosted StoryMap that lets the general public discover all the city has to offer. Using ArcGIS Online templates and hosted on Amazon S3, we built the website in relatively short order and was able to customize it to meet staff requests.

The responsive website has 7 tabs across the top showing 7 categories of points of interest for the cities downtown area. Most every business, parking location and cultural landmark in St Charles is listed on the map. using the bookmarks available on the web map, we were able to also note the routes/detour locations for easy navigation around the city. 

Best of all the staff of St. Charles has complete control  over the content using ArcGIS Online organizational account to add, update or delete locations within the map. No continued cost or obligation to us or anyone else. Make it better!!