A great week of APWA Conferences in Illinois and Wisconsin!

Jonathan and Joe have been traveling like it's the holidays lately. What's been keeping them busy is a combination of field work in Macon County, IL for a SignOps implementation and various parcel fabric projects. But here at Cloudpoint we love to get out and meet different GIS users and talk about solutions for problems and projects that they are undertaking. Over the past 8 days, Cloudpoint has traveled over 450 miles and been to two different American Public Works Association (APWA) conferences. Last week was the Illinois Chapter show in Peoria, IL and yesterday was the Wisconsin Chapter show in Madison, WI. Jonathan presented a talk about the use of UAV drones for mapping and how it can benefit local public works departments. These conferences make for longer days, but we wouldn't miss them! You can see a gallery of pictures below, including one of our hard hat winners from the Wisconsin show!

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