Taking care of Illinois Townships' Sign Inventory


Completing a Township-wide Sign Inventory for the Monticello Township Highway Department!

This week Joe and Tyler ventured to Monticello, IL for a township-wide SignOps implementation and data collection. They were able to inventory all of the Monticello Township Highway Department (MTHD) signs both in the field and in their shop in just 2 days! This allows for a turnkey sign inventory solution for the MTHD. No longer are they required to mark up paper maps,only to then send their notes to be edited on their maps on someone else's timeline. They can now easily swap out a sign that has failed inspection (let's say for instance a right curve ahead sign, W1-2R, has been shot). All they have to do is pull a new sign out of the shop, head to the sign that needs replaced, scan the barcode on the back, select "replace", and then scan the new sign. It's really that simple! This not only speeds the process along, it creates a maintenance record for the completed work as well.

In addition to being home to the Piatt County Courthouse, Monticello is home to the 1994 State of Illinois Airport of the year, and the best guard cat in Central Illinois, Shop Cat!

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