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City of Pekin ready for GIS Excellence

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The Cloudpoint is excited to have the opportunity to take the City of Pekin’s GIS to the next level. The city has used Cloudpoint’s professional GIS services off and on for the past five years but after losing their full-time GIS coordinator last fall, they realized the critical importance of maintaining their GIS system and decided to take their relationship with Cloudpoint from one of courting, to a more serious partnership. With that, Cloudpoint and the City of Pekin have engaged in a two-year contract for professional GIS services to support the various departments throughout the city. The team has begun intensive meetings with city staff to further dive into their needs and how they can better utilize the GIS system for their daily workflows. With the new contract, Cloudpoint staff will be onsite for up to 30 hours per month, with additional technical support services coming in the forms of enterprise GIS management and GIS application deployment. One of the main objectives is to enable city staff to take more ownership of GIS data and make edits and updates for their department with user-friendly web-based applications. The Client has a wealth of GIS data which has been well managed and distributed in the past but with greater editing capabilities, the use of real-time GIS updates should further enhance the value of their data. In addition, the city hopes to easily share this authoritative data both internally as well as externally to contractors, consultants, and developers. For more information on Cloudpoint’s Managed Professional Services (MPS) please contact us or call 877-377-8124.

A Mapping Overhaul for Peoria's Springdale Cemetery

Did you know that Central Illinois’ largest cemetery has over 75,000 gravesites? And it is the final resting place of some of the most famous historical Illinoisans. When the cemetery needed an upgrade to their mapping software to ingrate a more user-friendly, web-based system, they turned to Cloudpoint Geographics.

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Each section of the cemetery had its own set up maps and related grave records. These historic records were manually reviewed and data entered into the new mapping system. The final application will consist of a searchable, interactive, GIS web map for cemetery managers to easily update records for burials and track lot sales.


The team was able to provide drone flights and GPS data collection to introduce high-resolution imagery onto the scene and increase spatial accuracy of all gravesites along with the various sectional layouts of the cemetery. As part of the final project the Client will be receiving an interactive web-based mapping application to easily search, edit, and updated burial records, lot sales, and ownership information for each site. In addition, Cloudpoint will be providing a public-facing web map that allows the public to search by last name to find loved ones or to support genealogical research. For more information on how your cemetery can improve data management and benefit from integrating GIS technology contact us or call 877-377-8124.

Tazewell County 9-1-1 Receives GIS Data Upgrade


Late last year, the Tazewell County ETSB contracted with Cloudpoint Geographics to provide GIS Data Cleanup and Configuration in preparation for NG9-1-1. The contract includes the following major components that will be configured and delivered through Esri’s ArcGIS platform including ArcGIS Online for communities to submit updates to road centerline and address data.

  • Data Assessment to review existing data and analyze errors

  • Integration of GIS updates with the Client’s CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system

  • Coordination with local agencies to incorporate local GIS data layers

  • Building structure points layer with classification

  • Spatial updates to road centerlines and address points

  • Correcting topological errors in boundary layers

  • Converting data format and spatial reference to State of Illinois’ NG9-1-1 Data Standards

  • Setup & integration of Enterprise GIS for data exchange with local agencies

  • Ongoing GIS data maintenance

The results of this project will assist Tazewell County 9-1-1 dispatchers and emergency responders by improving data accuracy and increasing efficiency in response times. Additionally it will provide increased communications between the county 9-1-1 and local addressing authorities. For more information regarding Cloudpoint’s NG9-1-1 GIS data services please contact us or visit our NG9-1-1 services page.

Village of Burr Ridge receives a GIS face lift!

Burr Ridge is home to over 500 businesses occupying more than 6 million square feet of floor area and employing 10,000 plus people.

Burr Ridge is home to over 500 businesses occupying more than 6 million square feet of floor area and employing 10,000 plus people.

The Village of Burr Ridge has contracted with Cloudpoint Geographics to provide complete managed GIS services.  Cloudpoint's professional staff will act as an extension to the Village's internal staff when it comes to GIS needs and communicating with its constituents.  Here are some resources that the Client will soon be able to take advantage thanks to this newly formed partnership.

ArcGIS Online

Address Buffer Tool

Street Light Collection

Village staff had the foresight to see that a centralized GIS can be a "single source of truth" for both internal and external users to access critical information to help drive decision making processes.  The Cloudpoint team will be working closely with the finance director, assistant administrator, public works officials, and IT staff to remotely connecting to the Village's network to perform GIS upgrades and rolling out new applications for the system as well as providing regular training for their staff.  For more information on how your agency can take advantage of our affordable GIS services you can contact us through our website or call 877-377-8124.

Lake Superior coastal county Moves to parcel fabric


The Land Records department at Bayfield County, Wisconsin has a knowledgeable GIS staff and land records information system that they utilize on a regular basis for updating assessed valuations, addressing, and public land survey data.  Recognized at the 2017 Wisconsin Land Information Association's annual conference by winning the Government Achievement Award for their flood mapping work, the department is no stranger to success.  Led by Land Records Administrator, Scott Galetka, the department is setting the course for future information management in their jurisdiction by migrating their GIS parcel data to Esri's parcel fabric which will provide tremendous benefit in helping them meet their goal of making this data accessible to professionals and as well as the public. 

The County recently contracted with Cloudpoint Geographics to provide a county-wide parcel data migration into Esri's parcel fabric within the Local Government Information Model.  The project will consist of migrating 35,387 parcels and over 1,600 PLSS corners into the parcel fabric and includes onsite training and remote technical support. 

Cloudpoint's track record of the highest professional service level along with its knowledgeable staff keeps them in the forefront of today's GIS -technology experts. For more information regarding our parcel fabric land records services you may contact us through our website or call 877-377-8124.

Getting to know your Culverts...

It's never been easier to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of your culverts using GIS and mobile technology.  Another example of the effectiveness of using mobile apps for inventories is shown during our ongoing project in LaSalle County, IL where Cloudpoint is completing a culvert inventory on all of the county highways.  

Here, Joe is using Esri's Collector app to complete a culvert inventory for LaSalle County, IL.

While climbing into and out of the work van, then up and down ravines, through thick thorns and briers to locate the culverts under county roads, I can not stress how beneficial it was to only have to carry in an iPad. Often times the surfaces I was traversing were slick from water, mud, or moss.  Having to carry in limited material, freed up my hands for a safer approach and handholds. Once I was at the culvert, I could pull up the exact location, drop a point and begin the inventory.  In addition to having drop down menus for various features of each culvert, I was also able to take a quick photograph and attach it to the point, which gives even more detail about the infrastructure.

I can rant and rave about the greatness of this tool, but the best way to understand how powerful it is is to see it in action.  We at Cloudpoint would be happy to give you a demonstration and work with you to see how your organization could benefit from implementing Esri's Collector app.  It's a great way to manage your infrastructure while streamlining your workflow, and we'd be thrilled to help you accomplish those tasks!

Water Maps getting back to Normal

The Town of Normal, IL is taking great strides in its GIS progress under the leadership of two highly talented professionals.  IT Director, Teri Legner and GIS Coordinator, Cassidy Killian are currently working with the water department to update all of their old maps.  The water distribution system is currently all mapped out in CAD however it is not exactly to scale, causing a huge challenge when trying to convert to GIS format.  Normally a simple georeferencing process can stretch or rotate the old maps to fit, however in this case it was not a practical approach due to the scale variance.  

Cloudpoint was brought in to help with this process consisting of referencing old records such as pdf valve cards, construction drawings, and CAD data to reconstruct the data in a GIS environment.  The newly converted data will be in Esri's local government data model and can be easily integrated into all of the latest Esri tools, maps, and apps including the Water Utility Network Editing and Reporting tools which are freely available to the Town as part of their current Esri licensing.  Soon the GIS department will be able to use this new GIS layer for water distribution applications such as valve isolation traces, reporting, and customer outage notifications or boil orders.  

As-built record drawings were scanned to pdf and used for reference in constructing the GIS layers

As-built record drawings were scanned to pdf and used for reference in constructing the GIS layers

Water main details are incorporated into the GIS which can later be used for system-wide analysis and reporting.

Water main details are incorporated into the GIS which can later be used for system-wide analysis and reporting.

Having Trimble GeoXH units on hand will allow the water department staff to further "fine tune" their data and collect GPS information with greater accuracy.  The professional staff at Normal has displayed great insight in migrating their data to the GIS environment and using the resources they have in place.