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YouTube Channel Recognized in top 10 GIS

Not to sound braggadocios, but we are great at GIS. It is just a fact, it’s what we do. Jon likes to say “GIS is our first thought, not an afterthought”. Helping organizations is a part of our vision and our vision is etched in stone.

GIS Youtube Channels

We also create helpful content for our clients, or even people we will never meet. Making YouTube content has been a part of Cloudpoint’s DNA since the beginning when we bought our first GPS receiver. Our faithful follower-ship is completely organic and grassroots.

This dedication to good content has been recognized by a third-party and We are proud to let you know we are ranked SECOND! These Youtube Channels are ranked based on following criteria

  • Total youtube channels subscribers, video views, and video uploads

  • Quality and consistency of videos

  • Youtube search ranking

  • Feedspot editorial team’ objective and subjective review

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New Team Member: Mike Genard

We are very pleased to introduce to you Mike Genard, Cloudpoint’s newest team member and latest GIS technician.


Mike discovered his passion for geography while in school and recognizes the power and potential of geospatial technology. Mike received his Bachelors of Science degree in Geography along with a minor in Environmental Studies this past spring from Illinois State University where he was able to demonstrate his geographic capabilities by being named the recipient of the Margaret Means Award and Scholarship, awarded annually to the student who displays academic excellence in the classroom. While he attended ISU, Mike was able to build a firm foundation in GIS cartography and remote sensing.

Over the course of the summer, Mike interned with the Peoria Park District, where he gained practical experience in mapping, environmental practices, and interacting with the public. He was hired on by the Park District as a research technician and utilized GIS to assess pollinator habitat across Central Illinois. As an aspiring GIS professional, Mike looks to expand his geographic knowledge and skillset and become certified in GIS. Outside of work, Mike enjoys outdoor recreation, spending time with friends and family and cheering on the Chicago Bears and Blackhawks.

You can see his official bio

along with the rest of our team over on our staff page

Scott County receives GIS Data cleanup for NG9-1-1

Scott County IA.png

When Scott County, Iowa had a recent opportunity to secure grant funding to provide GIS data cleanup for NG9-1-1 they took full advantage and contract with Cloudpoint to compete this work.  The project had a very tight time frame being completed in less than 60 days.  This work involved cleanup of Emergency Service boundaries in the GIS, as well as repairing road centerline geometry, correcting road centerline address ranges, directional errors in digitize roadway directions, and reviewing site address data points that fell out of range with the centerlines.  Cloudpoint was able to complete this cleanup work using tools including curves-to-lines in ArcGIS Pro, creating topologies, and using the 'Align To Shape' tool for aligning emergency services boundaries with road centerlines and administrative or political boundaries where applicable.  Overall the project involved a over of 88,000 address points and more than 2,300 centerline miles.  Cloudpoint continues to provide high quality GIS data services for state and local governments throughout the Midwest.  For more information contact our office at 877-377-8124.

 A screenshot of address points, road centerlines, and emergency services boundaries requiring review and data cleanup for improving emergency response and dispatch for NG9-1-1 services in Scott County, IA.

A screenshot of address points, road centerlines, and emergency services boundaries requiring review and data cleanup for improving emergency response and dispatch for NG9-1-1 services in Scott County, IA.

Another trip to The Esri User Conference in San Diego

Cloudpoint's Erin Strickler was able to attend the Esri User Conference, the world's largest GIS conference, in San Diego for the first time this year.  This is the fifth time that the Cloudpoint team has been represented at the conference where over 17,000 people gather to hear the latest GIS news and enjoy thousands of hours of one-on-one networking, collaboration, and fun with fellow attendees.  Erin shares some of her highlights of attending this year's conference in this blog.

Erin Strickler Joins the Cloudpoint Team

Cloudpoint Geographics is pleased to welcome Erin Strickler to our staff!  Erin is a 2003 graduate of Bradley University's civil engineering program and earned her professional engineer's license in April of 2017.  She comes with a strong background in engineering, surveying, and local governments and...

Local Government Specialty Designation

Roanoke, IL We at Cloudpoint Geographics are pleased to announce that Esri inc. has awarded us with an exclusive designation of being Local Government specialists. The specialty is designed to assist Esri users looking for  partners who can help them deploy ArcGIS for Local Government in their organization.

Water Maps getting back to Normal

The Town of Normal, IL is taking great strides in its GIS progress under the leadership of two highly talented professionals.  IT Director, Teri Legner and GIS Coordinator, Cassidy Killian are currently working with the water department to update all of their old maps.  The water distribution system is currently all mapped out in CAD however it is not exactly to scale, causing a huge challenge when trying to convert to GIS format.  Normally a simple georeferencing process can stretch or rotate the old maps to fit, however in this case it was not a practical approach due to the scale variance.  

Cloudpoint was brought in to help with this process consisting of referencing old records such as pdf valve cards, construction drawings, and CAD data to reconstruct the data in a GIS environment.  The newly converted data will be in Esri's local government data model and can be easily integrated into all of the latest Esri tools, maps, and apps including the Water Utility Network Editing and Reporting tools which are freely available to the Town as part of their current Esri licensing.  Soon the GIS department will be able to use this new GIS layer for water distribution applications such as valve isolation traces, reporting, and customer outage notifications or boil orders.  

 As-built record drawings were scanned to pdf and used for reference in constructing the GIS layers

As-built record drawings were scanned to pdf and used for reference in constructing the GIS layers

 Water main details are incorporated into the GIS which can later be used for system-wide analysis and reporting.

Water main details are incorporated into the GIS which can later be used for system-wide analysis and reporting.

Having Trimble GeoXH units on hand will allow the water department staff to further "fine tune" their data and collect GPS information with greater accuracy.  The professional staff at Normal has displayed great insight in migrating their data to the GIS environment and using the resources they have in place.

Stephenson earns GISP certificate

Congratulations to Cloudpoint's, Paul Stephenson, for becoming the team's latest certified GIS Professional (GISP).  Paul was one of the very first people to sit for the newly established GISP examination through the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) which he took last November.  With his professionalism and outstanding work ethic it was no surprise that he passed with flying colors.  Obtaining a GISP certificate involves an extensive application process which now includes the exam requirement.  With Paul's achievements, he joins Jon & Micah bringing the total number of GISP certified staff members at Cloudpoint to three.  The following are some notes highlighting what makes a certified GISP:

 Pictured are Paul Stephenson (left) and Jon Hodel (right) with Paul's new GISP certification

Pictured are Paul Stephenson (left) and Jon Hodel (right) with Paul's new GISP certification

  •  Certified Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Professional endorsed by a 3rd party (GISCI) though a peer-reviewed evaluation. 
  • Has met the minimum standards for educational achievement, professional experience, and manner in which he or she contributes back to the profession, and practices in an ethical manner. 
  • Must abide by higher guidelines for ethical behavior. 
  • Continues to educate and reeducate him or herself while preparing for recertification. 
  • Has had their professional background scrutinized and reviewed by an independent third party organization. An Institute comprised of leading non-profit associations (AAG, NSGIC, UCGIS, GITA, URISA, and GLIS) focused on the application of GIS and geospatial technology. 
  • Can come from anywhere in the world, and current, active GISPs reside in all 50 States and 25 foreign countries.
  • Is more than a practitioner of GIS technology. 
  • Is a Professional.

Well done Paul!

Open wide..... We've Moved!


Growing up, I had a mouth full of cavities and now have plenty of fillings to show for it.  Little did I know at that time (back when I though I wanted to be a fireman) I would soon be making a living by working in that same building where I would go for routine checkups and teeth cleaning.   No, didn't go in to dentistry (although if you stop by we could take a look at your teeth but I wouldn't trust our diagnosis).  We recently purchased the former dentist office in Roanoke where just a few short months ago people were getting crowns and caps, now it is used for drones, ipads and desktop PC's.  We are excited to make it our new home here at Cloudpoint Geographics.  


Ten (10) weeks of renovations consisted of ripping our old sinks and X-ray boxes, hoses, lines, excess wiring, tons of painting, new carpet, and best of all- the lighting.  We converted an old lab into a kitchen, and exam rooms are now functioning as high-tech office space.   The large window view that so many of us distracted ourselves with while a hygienist scraped on our jowls,  is now enjoyed by our staff as each person has their own private office.

We are blessed to have a new spot that so perfectly fits our current needs and the move was just across the parking lot from our old location.  Be sure to come by and visit us during our upcoming Open House on October 2nd from 4PM to 6PM.