Cloudpoint recap of CFTA 2019 in Austin,Texas

Here’s a collection of photos from my trip to Austin, TX for the CFTA 2019 (Campus FM Technology Association). Great conference ran by outstanding people. Lots of campus facilities leaders who are extremely talented at integrating data solutions, BIM, and GIS. And it was a beautiful city filled with music, culture, electric scooters, history, and a whole lot more.

Jon’s Top 3 Highlights of Austin


1. The bat colony

This is a must see, Austin has the largest urban bat colony in the world. 1.5 million bats emerge from under the Congress St Bridge every night. Its a continuous stream for about 45 minutes.


2. Scooter rides

I found that this is the best way to get around the city. Faster than a car during heavy traffic times. Just pickup a scooter, scan the barcode, and take off. Once your done, you can leave it anywhere and just scan the code to “lock” it. This saved me lots of walking. OK, so the cool app with a tracking map might also have had some influence over me…


3. LBJ library & museum

Learned a lot of history and details on the life of LBJ. You’ll definitely need at least half of a day to cover the whole thing. It’s well worth the visit.

Meet the Cloudpoint Team at the WLIA 2019 Annual Conference

Cloudpoint Geographics will be exhibiting at the WLIA Annual Conference Feb 20-22, 2019 at Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley in Appleton, WI.


Look for Cloudpoint’s Micah Williamson and Matt Junker at the upcoming conference. Stop by with any questions regarding our services including:

Wisconsin Land Information Association has been an excellent organization to be a part of. Every conference is filled with learning opportunities as well as great social activities. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of the latest GIS news in Wisconsin during this upcoming event.

Contact us for more information or to setup a time to meet at WLIA.

Duluth, MN and Door Co, WI: Fish boils, Aerial Lift Bridge, Jeans, and Smoked Salmon

So recently I made my first trip to Duluth, MN for the GIS/LIS conference which consisted of well over 500 people from across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and many other states throughout the country. Micah Williamson and I were able to make the trek Northward all the way from central Illinois. One of the highlights of the trip up was the stop at Micah’s sister’s house in Eau Claire, WI where our timing was perfect as she was making burritos and kind enough to share with us, Thanks Amy!

The three days in Duluth at the conference were very enjoyable as we were able to meet many new faces and give out some wonderful gift bags of specialty coffee beans from the Blue Heron Trading Co located in Duluth’s popular DeWitt Seitz Marketplace which is the same building that houses our northern partner company, North Point Geographic Solutions.

While there, we were able to sample the amazing smoked salmon at a local favoritet, Northen Waters Smokehaus. A little free time the first night allowed us to squeeze in visits to my new favorite stores, Duluth Trading Company, where I picked up a much-needed pair of jeans, as well as the Duluth Pack Store which I highly recommend if you are visiting the area. However all of the luster of the tasty food and outfitter stores were both topped by the magnificent Aerial Lift Bridge which is an absolutely spectacular site, especially when lit up at night.

My second trip was to Door County, WI for the Fall regional meeting for the Wisconsin Land Information Association which was highlighted by the fish boil at the social night held at Waterfront Mary’s. If you’ve never been to a fish boil this is also a must see traditional event where they boil the fish in a big black kettle and boil it for 30 minutes or so over an open fire with all the right mix-in’s added in. For other highlights of our latest ventures at Cloudpoint Geographics please subscribe to our newsletter at

GeoConX In Chicago

Esri has their mammoth User's Conference every year in San Diego. See Joe's review of that. In an attempt to accommodate specific industries, they also hosts a few much smaller events across the country throughout the year. 

This year the gas, electric & telecom conference, named GeoConX (pronounced geo-connects) was hosted in Chicago. With our client base and perfectly aligned conference in our backyard. both Micah and Paul attended. 

Here are some highlights: 

We were happy to attend at the behalf of our gas, electric and telecommunication clients. There is much to look forward to in the upcoming technology. Notably an entirely new Utility Networking system built to last,  Attribute Validation Rules, Survey123 working with Collector & Workforce, ArcGIS Enterprise Builder, Web-based Dashboards, Hexagon Bins ... Well lets just say it was all notable. 

Ask us more!

ESRI Water Conference 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 ESRI Water Conference in Austin, TX (not a bad place to be in February). This was the second annual iteration of the conference, and this year they included not only utilities, but also water resources. And I think that was an interesting move, to expand the scope to a broader look at the water cycle.

Naturally there were a plenty of interesting GIS uses and technologies showcased from streamflow and flood prediction to a growing number of mobile applications. Primarily interested in the keeping up with the latest ESRI has to offer, I got the most excitement out of the upcoming releases of applications like Collector and Survey123, and the news of development for a new Utility Network Model. It was also pretty awesome to hear what other organizations like the City of Philadelphia are doing with the technology and water management.


Austin was a great venue and the downtown scene had plenty of great food and music. And for those dealing with water and GIS, I'd recommend this conference if you get the chance. It's a nice, more focused alternative to the UC, or early addition / sneak peak.


esri partner conference

As I woke up this morning to 5 degree weather in central Illinois, I could help but think of poor Micah who is on his way to the esri partner conference in sunny Southern Cal where tomorrow's high will be a measly 82 degrees.  No, those of us holding down the fort here in the frozen tundra are not bitter in the least.  

Disclaimer: This is only a representation of a truly accurate golf stance and by no means is intended to portray Micah's swing....

Disclaimer: This is only a representation of a truly accurate golf stance and by no means is intended to portray Micah's swing....

This is the second year in a row that Cloudpoint has had opportunity to attend this conference and we are thankful for a strong partnership with esri as a leading provider of GIS services in our area looking forward to a continued relationship for years to come.  In the meantime, hopefully Mr. Williamson will return with more than a sun tan and improved golf game.  #EsriEPC

Catchin up with old friends at the 101st T.H.E.

We were able to sponsor and exhibit at the T.H.E. conference this week at the historic Illini Union building on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  This conference congregates transportation professionals from all areas including city & county engineers, highway officials, consultants, technicians, faculty and students who gather to discuss issues critical to the safe and economical movement of people and goods across Illinois and beyond.   It was well attended with almost 1,000 people registered.  Jon and Brett Hodel attended to help promote our GIS/Asset Management services and sign inventory management system called SignOps.  @THEatIllinois