ArcGIS Local Government Solutions Showcase- Winter 2015 (Morton, IL)

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Local Government Solutions Showcase

Our first showcase was on December 18th, 2015 in Morton, IL. Thanks to all our participants and speakers who braved the blustery day.  

Here are a few links and explanations to a few of the topics we covered. 

Local Government Information Model:

The LGIM is quickly becoming the standard for Esri to push out applications and know how to expect your data to act. Searching the data dictionary for keywords will help you determine whether your item is a feature class, attribute field or domain value. Link to the Data Dictionary here or further information on the LGIM

Parcel Fabric:

We enjoyed a informative discussion on the Parcel Fabric from Esri staff. Worthy of note, the fabric requires a standard or advanced ArcGIS Desktop license. Most participants are convinced that it is helpful but moving to the parcel fabric is where the struggle remains

ArcGIS Online Credits:

Do not be afraid of ArcGIS Online credits, it should not keep you from using AGO and the Esri Cloud. Here is an Esri website to help you understand better when credits will be charges and when they will not. I think you will see that more often than not there is no credit charge for what you want to do. 

Survey Results:

Every respondent (100%) felt that the showcase was beneficial to their job. As well we received very positive feedback on the quality of material and knowledge of the speakers.  Here are some other interesting results of our survey.