UAV (Drones) for Transportation


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) are quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools available for transportation professionals.  New uses of the technology are continually evolving and providing organizations with the ability to make better and more informed decisions regarding roadway design, construction, and maintenance.  UAV results can be achieved in a matter of hours and placed directly into the hands of designers or contractors for daily use.  Cloudpoint uses fixed ground control points (set your own or call your surveyor) for every flight for highly accurate positioning results using local or grid-based coordinate systems.  Improve your GIS, gather topographic data, create contours, or perform quantity calculations with confident accuracy and efficiency using UAV technology.  Cloudpoint Geographics can provide full-service professional solutions or be onsite training for your personnel.

  • Corridor Mapping

  • Roadway Slope Analysis

  • Topographic Data

  • Orthomosaic imagery

  • Pavement Markings

  • Inventory Assets


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