1,874 Mile Road Trip Tools

I tracked this the old fashioned way, Paper notepad

Last Week, I (Micah) drove Paul's Ford Focus out to Carson City, Nevada while he drove his Ranger truck and Smoky the Cat. This was an easy drive, directionally speaking. Interstate 80 goes all the way to Reno Nevada just 15 miles north of Carson City. It's 1,874 miles from Peoria to Carson City.  See the graph here to find out what my roadkill count was. Aside from audio books, podcasts & windshield mounts, there are several maps apps & websites I used to help plan and document our 3-day journey: 

National Weather Service EDD: Travel Hazard Forecast

With words like "Experimental" and "Prototype" in large red letters, I understand this is still in development. Still it is a helpful tool to plan out weather we could expect along the route. I found it easiest to just plot out each day. It let us know that there was a possibility for snow on Tuesday morning, (which we got! - see the story map) 

Map My Drive

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.26.54 AM.png

iOS app only. Here's the reason for 2.5 stars: Huge battery drain and poor sharing tools. Other than that it sits in the background and tracks our drive. I exported each day's track to GPX to be used in ArcGIS Online. (see the story map) Don't put too much expectation on it. 


Story Map. 

I'll just share it here: Or a DIRECT LINK