Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! As we celebrate what we are thankful for, Cloudpoint Staff looks at what has blessed them and lead to such a great first year. From new technology to a new website we have certainly found our place. 

Website - Cloudpoint just updated their website to offer client based viewing solutions. The website has a different look and has industry white papers by our staff as well as our statement of qualifications and brochure. The client based solutions offers a viewing application to show assets and attributes that have been added. Online editing applications are to come.

Bathymetric Mapping - FINALLY! After some research, development, and programming, we have created a bathymetric mapping solution for lakes and lagoons. Connecting a sonar unit to our Trimble GeoXH, Cloudpoint has a cost effective solution for mapping lake bottom features and contours.

Data Collection - Recent projects have proven the use of GIS to municipalities. The City of Fairbury, Illinois knew of a few hundred surface sewer and water features, but after data collection with the workers in the field, we found ourself collecting well over 4,000. The use of sub-inch GPS and the help of the sewer and water department employees ensures the best collection of attribute data and a complete GIS system. Collecting this CMOM data now ensures that municipalities will know where there assets are for the next generation of employees.

LIDAR - Matt Dondanville, our second employee, has taken the role of LIDAR expert. Taking grad school classes to explore the best processing techniques, he has found interest in aerial and mobile applications for local government. This technology is the future of geospatial services for municipalities and Cloudpoint strives to be on the cutting edge.

As Cloudpoint grows and continues to learn. We find ourselves being thankful for what we have been blessed with. We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and hope to hear about your successes.