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Three New Technical Certifications

Three New Technical Certifications

Cloudpoint Geographics Inc. is proud to announce that Paul Stephenson, Matt Junker and Micah Williamson have all recently been awarded Esri Technical Certification which recognizes superior skill levels utilizing Esri’s software for geographic information systems (GIS). Paul and Matt were awarded the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification. Micah was awarded the Enterprise System Design Associate...

Slow & steady.

Keeping up a blog to let people know what's going on sounds easy to do but I am learning that it can be difficult to stay consistent.  Things are going well at Cloudpoint with projects continuing to surface.  Just completed a sign inventory for Gold Township in Bureau County and have had several calls from other agencies requesting the same.  Having an engineering background in transportation has been a great advantage in this area.  Sign inventories, evaluation of software, Christmas cards going out, and marketing trips have been keeping me busy lately.

Some people have asked what it is that I actually do (Including my father-in-law in his own tactful way).  The best way to describe it is GIS (Geographic Information Systems).  For public works, transportation, and utilities, colleges, parks, etc.  Anyone that has numerous facilities that they need to track and manage within a geographic boundary.  For example right now I am working with a public utility on enhancing their map books and implementing better practices for their GIS system.  I am also in the process of evaluating two kinds of software, ESRI Arc Editor, and Que Coherent LP360.  It might sound link technical mumbo-jumbo but I think its a lot of fun.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!