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Local Government Solutions

Whether they face challenges like drought or flooding, economic collapse, or a health epidemic, Smart Communities are using GIS technology to prepare ahead of time, operate effectively, and recover quickly. 

Cloudpoint is a huge fan of the Esri Local Government Solutions. We have had much success and experience in using and implementing these tools.  Our demonstration city website: yourcitymap.com shows some of the local government tools available.

However, It's not all about the data. 


We want to help you get you to a place of efficiency and productivity in your local government that may have been promised before but never realized.

Our staff has experience and understanding from within the walls of budgets, councils, committees and subcommittees. We get it.  We've been there.

 Explaining the value of GIS to other staff members and field crew or chairman can be challenging.

Let us help.

MANAGING LAND RECORDS can be a daunting task but the use of the parcel fabric can certainly make it a lot easier. 

The Parcel Editing Toolbar can provide tremendous benefits for your agency and when it is enabled with the Local Government Information Model you can take advantage of the efficient automated parcel editing workflows:

  • Merge Parcels
  • Split Parcels 
  • Create Subdivisions from CAD
  • Make Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Reference PDFs
  • Enter survey records

What's your Geo-Health?

  • Do you have a location strategy?
  • How can you tell if you're moving in the right direction?
  • Is software maintenance worth it? 
  • Should I get a GPS unit? 
  • Where should we allocate our finite capital dollars?
  • Are you realizing the full potential of your GIS? 
  • Where actually IS all of that data? Who's in charge of it? 


Don't be overwhelmed Cloudpoint has helped small-mid-large sized communities get a handle on what they should be doing and where they should be going. In the end, it's YOUR GIS. Allow us to help you answer these (and other) questions. 


Contact us to get a Check up on your Geo-Health