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SignOps Celebrates 5 Years!

It was 5 years ago this month, in 2014, that Cloudpoint introduced its first and only asset management application, SignOps, for traffic sign inventories. SignOps was introduced as an innovative, web-based sign inventory management system that will make your team more efficient and your inventory tracking a snap. Since then, public works and transportation crews have been enjoying the SignOps mobile app, which allows users to easily collect GPS location, photos, and even scan barcodes to track maintenance history, retroreflectivity, and sign inspection information. This is just one example of how Cloudpoint Geographics is helping its many clients use location based technology to make informed, data-driven decisions. For more information about SIgnOps sign inventory management system visit or call 877-377-8124.

Facts about SignOps

• Over 120 users

• Over 30,000 maintenance activities

• Over 750 pre-loaded sign types

• Scalable, Secured, Performance cloud-based storage

• Unmatched technical support

• Developed and tested with End Users

Here you can find printer friendly versions of our SignOps Brochure or the Signs of Success Case Study

City of Bloomington looks to optimize routes

A typical automated collection truck outfitted with optimized routing is an efficiency machine

A typical automated collection truck outfitted with optimized routing is an efficiency machine

The City of Bloomington is practicing good stewardship for the tax payers and looking to improve efficiencies for its solid waste collection program.  To do so, they have hired Cloudpoint Geographics to look at existing garbage pickup locations and  compare them with the GIS roadway network to find the most optimized routes of travel.  These optimized routes will help identify the most efficient routing pattern for trucks based on travel times and traffic patterns.  Some of the benefits the City hopes to recognize as a result include improved customer service; cost savings on fuel, staff, and equipment; equitable workload for route drivers; and the ability to utilize this data for future GPS and real-time monitoring applications.  Questions regarding route optimization can be directed to Jon Hodel at (877) 377-8124.