Land Records

City of Rockwall, Texas gets Parcel Mapping upgrade

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Cloudpoint Geographics’ Land Records team will be providing parcel fabric migration services to the City of Rockwall, TX. The City has approximately 18,000 parcels and would like to take advantage of Esri’s most advanced parcel mapping functionality. With the new fabric they can take advantage of Plan Directory, Least Squares Adjustments, Control Points, Historic Parcels layer and more. For more information on how you can benefit from Esri’s parcel fabric please contact Cloudpoint’s Land Records team.

Lake Superior coastal county Moves to parcel fabric


The Land Records department at Bayfield County, Wisconsin has a knowledgeable GIS staff and land records information system that they utilize on a regular basis for updating assessed valuations, addressing, and public land survey data.  Recognized at the 2017 Wisconsin Land Information Association's annual conference by winning the Government Achievement Award for their flood mapping work, the department is no stranger to success.  Led by Land Records Administrator, Scott Galetka, the department is setting the course for future information management in their jurisdiction by migrating their GIS parcel data to Esri's parcel fabric which will provide tremendous benefit in helping them meet their goal of making this data accessible to professionals and as well as the public. 

The County recently contracted with Cloudpoint Geographics to provide a county-wide parcel data migration into Esri's parcel fabric within the Local Government Information Model.  The project will consist of migrating 35,387 parcels and over 1,600 PLSS corners into the parcel fabric and includes onsite training and remote technical support. 

Cloudpoint's track record of the highest professional service level along with its knowledgeable staff keeps them in the forefront of today's GIS -technology experts. For more information regarding our parcel fabric land records services you may contact us through our website or call 877-377-8124.