Cloudpoint Geographics is a leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions for organizations within public works, facilities, land records, utilities, transportation, and engineering sectors.  As your trusted Esri business partner, we help people drive intelligent decision making using mapping technology.  We are here to bring you ArcGIS Desktop, Enterprise, Portal and Online solutions all delivered through the Esri platform.  Our portfolio varies from large asset inventories to big data solutions delivered through the cloud.  Contact Us to enable your organization to get the most out of your location-based data!


Here's what People are saying...

This is fantastic. Cloudpoint, you just answered 2 major screaming questions of mine and may have just saved my company thousands of dollars. Thanks is not even close to saying enough.
— Roger Schulz- Comment on our video tutorial
I am exceedingly happy with the service I receive from Cloudpoint. Each member of your staff that I have interacted with is always professional and extremely knowledgeable.
— Seth Stark- GIS Administrator, City of Decatur, IL
Cloudpoint has become the standard by which I measure other vendors. The knowledge, availability, and attention to detail are surpassed only by the value of their services. Cloudpoint’s straight-forward approach to project planning, budgeting, and dedication post-delivery add more than just a financial return on investment, it assures my organization peace of mind and continued geospatial growth.
I cannot say enough about Cloudpoint and their staff. They are courteous, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely professional.
We are very thankful to work with Cloudpoint and their exceptional knowledge base, as their team is certainly capable of taking GIS organizations to the next level with any task or vision...

Your City Map Example 

In order to provide you with a realistic example, we have created a hypothetical local government website. We have changed, cajoled, stuffed and otherwise modified the standard Esri landing page to imagine what your site could be. Also, you may review our portfolio of success and actual (non-hypothetical) clients

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Cloudpoint is proud to be a part of the Esri Business Partner Network. Our unabashed alignment with Esri enables us to offer our clients the latest geospatial software solutions and options. We may not be the largest geospatial consultant in Illinois, but we are well-connected. 

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