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GIS is a horizontal technology in the sense that it has wide-ranging applications across the industrial and intellectual landscape. For this reason it tends to resist simplistic definition. It’s about improving existing workflows and providing people with the tools to make data-driven decisions rather than educated guess-timates.  Our clients include local governments, public works, transportation agencies, engineers, surveyors, utilities, and more.


Business Partner

Cloudpoint is proud to be a part of the Esri Business Partner Network. Our unabashed alignment with Esri enables us to offer our clients the latest geospatial software solutions and options. We may not be the largest geospatial consultant, but we are well-connected. 

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Your City Map

In order to provide you with a realistic example, we have created a hypothetical local government website. Our goal is to show off what a Location Strategy might look like for your organization. Also, you may review our portfolio of projects and actual non-hypothetical clients

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