ArcGIS Local Government Solutions Showcase Events

Every year, the staff at Cloudpoint Geographics hosts a series of ArcGIS Local Government Solutions showcase 1-Day events specifically focused on sharing the latest GIS solutions from Esri's ArcGIS platform.  These events are geared toward GIS end users and department managers to help learn more about how GIS can benefit their own organization.  Along with Cloudpoint's professional team, Esri representatives provide regular updates regarding their latest software solutions.  

Locations for these events vary throughout the state of Illinois and surrounding area in order to make it convenient for as many people as possible.  Events are typically hosted in Morton, IL (December), Chicago area (March-April), northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin (Aug-Sept).  We are excited to be working with Esri on bringing you some great GIS content and a free lunch.  If you are interested in hosing one of these events are your location, please contact us. Our next showcase event will be:


Friday September 13, 2019


See what other industry professionals have to say about Cloudpoint's past ArcGIS Local Government Solutions Showcase events!

I thought it was great! Looking forward to seeing more of these across the state.
— Showcase Attendee
Thank YOU ALL for having such informative and thought provoking seminars. The content was fantastic. We appreciate all of the time and effort that Cloudpoint and the speakers put in to the presentations…
— Jason LeMar, Menard County CCAO
Well Done. Thank You!!
— Showcase Attendee

Past Showcase Events