GIS Data Services for NG911

Emergency response, call routing, and dispatch communications rely heavily on accurate GIS data to provide effective services in a timely manner.  Isn’t it time for your organization to get a handle on GIS data management?  

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Let Cloudpoint’s professional team get you started in the right direction with a GIS Data Audit for NG911.

GIS is our first thought, not an afterthought
  • Review of existing layers including roads, boundaries, and address points

  • Data table with unique street / road names

  • Conversion of existing GIS data to your state’s NG911 data schema

  • GIS layers highlighting results of data validation process

  • Complete report summarizing findings of data audit

  • Options for further GIS data cleanup to meet your state’s standards

  • Recommendations for long-term GIS data maintenance

Your Data Your Way

Cloudpoint will perform enhanced geometry, duplicate and valid domain checks on your data.

  • Road Centerline Addresses not equal to 0 (Not including Freeways or Highways)

  • Road Centerline Odd/Even Checks

  • Road Centerline from Value greater than To Value

  • Site Address Point Address Value

  • Road Names match Master Street Name Table

  • Road Centerlines Names must match Site Address Points

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