Managed GIS Services

Cloudpoint has experience with mapping a variety of utilities including fiber optic, storm sewers, water mains, and more. These projects may have a variety of accuracy requirements based on their uses.  Cloudpoint has mapped  over 500 miles of fiber optic lines for different broadband providers with some projects using simple mapping techniques such as GPS-assisted digitization and others using Trimble GNSS equipment to obtain high-accuracy x,y,z coordinates for as-built plans. We’re here to help! Call us and get a quote.

With a Cloudpoint Geographics managed services contract, you can take advantage of the many geospatial services that we provide that are catered to your organization. Whether you are an utility department wanting to update your infrastructure mapping, a county assessor looking for a professional to maintain parcel data, or a city administrator in need of supplemental GIS staff, Cloudpoint Geographics can help you achieve your organizational goals!

Services Offered:

  • Review of all GIS software licensing and annual maintenance contracts

  • Correspondence with other agencies, such as the County for obtaining or exchanging GIS data

  • Assist with setup, maintenance, and updating the desired GIS Data Layers

  • GIS Technical Support and Departmental Mapping Requests

  • Support Departmental Data and Software Projects

  • Promote uses of GIS applications that provide cost saving opportunities throughout all departments

  • Assist managers with additional uses of GIS through dashboards and other reporting tools

  • Enable field crews with mobile GIS capabilities

  • Administration of ArcGIS Online account(s)

  • Configuration of ArcGIS Online applications (up to 1 per month or other duration as desired

  • Setup, deployment, and support of ArcGIS mobile applications (Collector, Navigator, Workforce)

  • GIS server maintenance (software updates, license management, etc.)

  • Coordination with Esri (GIS software vendor) on setup and updates

  • Coordination with 3rd party software vendors requesting GIS access

  • GIS data administration (data models)

  • 24/7 remote GIS technical support for all departments

  • Onsite visits (as desired)

  • Respond to digital data requests from outside entities

  • Provide links to helpful GIS resources such as videos, tutorials, and user documentation

  • Publish updates to web mapping applications

Benefits of Managed Services:

  • Discounted hourly rates

  • Fixed monthly cost

  • Discounts for extended contracts

  • Dedicated support

  • Simplify the budgeting process

  • Users don't hesitant to call for support

  • Locks in today's rates

  • No unexpected invoices for professional services


For a printer friendly version of all that is included in Cloudpoint's Managed GIS Services click HERE.

If you have questions, contact us at 877-377-8124 or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch promptly.