Easy & Quick NDVI Imagery for Small Areas with BIG Results

Easy & Quick NDVI Imagery for Small Areas with BIG Results

Our eyes don't see very much. Even less from far away. Technology has learned to augment our sight with sensors that can see other parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This is especially important when it comes to plant health with NDVI. Part of the spectrum (Near Infrared) can actually visualize chlorophyll in plants. Cloudpoint is now happy to offer this service to our clients. One of our Certified UAS Pilots (we have 2) can fly a field, forest, golf course, subdivision or park and we can return a NDVI image of that area within 24 hours.

Cloudpoint Geographics and Early Bird Aerial Services team up to provide CIR and NDVI Imagery to Illinois Producers.

With the recent purchase of a helicopter, sprayer, and CIR Camera, Early Bird 

Aerial Services, a branch of Early Bird Fertilizer, hope to expand business. By flying fields 3 times a growing season, the Color Infrared imagery can help producers identify problem areas in a field based on the NDVI (Normalize Difference Vegetation Index). The index is used to show relative growth vigor of plants and aid field scouting for precision fertilizer and pesticide application. 

Cloudpoint is processing and analyzing the data collected by Early Bird. With terabytes of photo's shot every flight and the need for a 24 hour turnaround time. Cloudpoint will use ESRI’s ArcMap and Blue Marbles Global Mapper tools for clipping and raster calculations for the NDVI index. Cloudpoint will process the imagery and allow producers to view fields on geo-referenced PDF's. This means, producers can use the GPS inside equipment, on phones, or on tablets, to take them to the exact spot on the image for scouting.