Coming Soon...Esri Introduces New ArcGIS User Types

Esri will unveil the latest ArcGIS Online release in December 2018. One key change that you will notice is the introduction of User Types, an evolution from User Levels (Level 1, Level 2). Each User Type may have different capabilities and access to app bundles (What is that?)

The App Bundles are related sets of apps matched up to the User Type to provide the tools the user needs-Essential, Field, and Office. (See the bundles here.)

Here is a quick summary of the details of the 5 ArcGIS User Types:


    The Viewer is formerly known as the Level 1 User. This User Type can view an organization’s private content, and has view access to the Essential Apps Bundle.


    The Editor can view and edit data, and has edit access with the Essential Apps Bundle. This User Type can also add-on the Collector, Survey123, Workforce, and Navigator apps.


    The Field Worker has rights to collect and edit data, and manage fieldwork assigments. The Field Apps Bundle is right in this user’s wheelhouse, and they also have edit access with the Essential Apps. The Navigator app is a compatible add-on.


    The Creator is equivalent to the Level 2 User. This User Type has numerous capabilities, including creating content, sharing content internally and externally, and administering the organization. The Creator has access to Essential, Field, and Office App Bundles; other apps such as Navigator, Business Analyst, Insights, Drone2Map, and Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud can be appended.


    The GIS Professional is the top of the line User Type, and includes the capabilities and apps of the Creator user…plus ArcGIS Pro Desktop GIS Software.

Here is a graphic, courtesy of Esri, displaying the comparison of the new ArcGIS User Types.

Some of the burning questions are…

  • How much do these User Types cost?

    The existing Level 1 and Level 2 Users will be moved over to the corresponding Viewer/Creator User Types with no change in cost. The cost for the newbies-Editor, Field Worker, and GIS Professional-have not been released yet. The Add-On Apps will have a cost, as well as the Non-Bundled Apps. Your Esri Account Rep might have more information.

  • Will my current Level 2 Users lose ArcGIS Pro once migrated to the Creator User Type?

    According to this GeoNet post, Level 2 Users with ArcGIS Pro migrated to Creators will maintain access to an ArcGIS Pro license. The post also suggests that ArcGIS Pro can be an add-on app-for new Creator users only. It appears Field Workers, Editors, and Viewers will not have access to ArcGIS Pro. More details will emerge as the release date approaches.

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