Using Esri's Story Maps to Map out Team USA!

As the first month of 2018 comes to a close, the sporting eyes of the world turn to PyeongChang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. I wanted to be able to show where members of Team USA come from so ...

Story Map of a Work Trip

During the week of March 22-29th I had the opportunity to go back to Reynosa, Mexico. The first time I made this trip, I took only my son and 11 others. This event was larger with 24 folks from my church and I took my entire family (6 of us). 

I had been looking for an opportunity to create an Esri Story Map for one reason or another. Just to get the professional experience (configuration, coding and what-not). This trip finally provided good reason to do that and maybe some explanation to our customers of why I was completely off the grid for 7 days.  Reynosa Story

Story Maps are the latest iteration of your Uncle Ted showing your family slides of his trip to the Badlands on your cousins bedsheets over TV Dinners. It's a nice display when the data calls for a map but awkward of it doesn't. If you look at images and ask, "OK where is this now?", that's a time for a story map.  As you can see below, It's cross-platform and responsive. 

If you would like help in setting up a story map, let us know. After having do one I can see all kinds of applications, local government as well as private. 

And if you'd like to ask question about my trip to Reynosa. I'd love to, but lets keep business out of it;

Share Your Workplace Workspace

Everybody wants to be known.  Every desk has a view

We all have a workspace and every workspace has a story. I'm not talking about a file workspace, or ArcInfo workspaces. I'm talking about literally where you sit to work. We want to know about it, we want to see it, we want to know your story.  GIS people -to- soccer moms, anyone. 

There's nothing to this, no agenda or ulterior motive. Just an idea to spread some conversation. We're not even asking you for your email. just snap a pic & upload it.  We get an email with your image and information. Then, in order to keep all things 'PG', we have to update it manually to the gallery. 

Why Do this? Think about it. 

  • You spend 40-50 hours here a week. 
  • You probably have pictures there of your family, or a place you'd rather be. 
  • You might love your workspace, or not. 
  • Are you a clean desk person?
  • Do you use sticky notes? 
  • Cork-Board vs. White-board or Both? 
  • Do you drink coffee with a straw?

Use the form below to submit an image(s) of your workplace. Put your name (or an alias) in the box an we'll put it in the gallery below. The Cloudpoint staff has voluntarily submitted our own to get the ball rolling. 

Hover over an image to see the name associated with it. Click on it to see it bigger.